The 7 Best Natural Supplements for ADHD

Parents cannot be overly protective about their children. That’s why when it comeSeroquel_100_25s to concentration and hyperactivity concerns, only natural supplements for ADHD will do.

Are you worried when you kid’s teacher called you and talked to you about your child having trouble in focusing in class? As a parent, you cannot ignore or take the slightest comments and observation on your kids lightly especially when you can see that there is some truth in your kid’s attention span deficiency.

There are several clinical and psychiatrical solutions but, we can’t be too careful in considering them for their long term effects and side effects might create more serious problems.

For that matter, safety is not only an issue with kids. The only way to go is to look for natural supplements for ADHD in adults and kids.

Eliminate Risks

In considering treatments for ADHD, one has to look beyond the present and be conscious and careful about the future. What we ingest today will not only influence our current health conditions but will ultimately determine the quality of health we’ll be living with in the future as well as the quantity of our years ahead of us.

As a natural being, the best solution for all our ailments will have to be drawn from our natural environment.

That is why we are only going to consider natural supplementation for your ADHD concerns.

Here are some of nature’s products, the natural supplements for ADHD that can boost memory, attention span, focus and all other brain functions.

1. Maiden Tree

Maiden tree is derived from one of the oldest trees called Ginkgoes. It has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over a thousand years.

Maiden tree has been shown to enhance blood flow to the arteries of the brain supplying every region with oxygen and nutrients for a more relaxed and improved brain function. It enhances concentration and mental recall. It also has shown to aid in the cognitive functions of the brain.

2. Skullcap Root

Its scientific name is scutellaria baicalensis. Skullcap is a plant which roots are used in Chinese medicine for a lot of ailments.

With regards to ADHD, skullcap protects the nervous system. A lot of children with ADHD have a degree of imbalance on the chemicals in the brain. Skullcap root can maintain the proper balance. It is a very helpful herbal medicine for preventing hyperactivity and calming the nerves.

Skull cap is rich in flavonoids, tannins, valerianic acid and coumarins.

3. German Chamomile

German Chamomile is a very useful herb. People have been using the flower head of this plant to make medicines, an herbal remedy that has been passed on from generation to generation.

This was traditionally used to calm simple nervous tension. Today, this herb is known to be capable of gently soothing and lessening frustrations created by every day work and fatigue.

4. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola grows naturally in Asia and South Africa. It has a long history of use by folk medicine practitioners.

Gotu kola helps the brain process glucose and stabilizes blood sugar levels which support your body against depression and mental fatigue.

5. Green Oats

Green oats are also known as wild oats. This herb is an annual plant that’s been traditionally used for many centuries by folk medicine healers in India.

Green oats can soothe the brain and the nerves. It promotes a sedative effect that eases tension, decreases stress and alleviates irritability.

6. Extract of Nettle

Nettle is a common botanical native to Africa and Western Asia which has been part of the respective culture’s folk medicine.

Extract of nettle helps to regulate blood sugar levels to promote a calm disposition as well as to maintain the good disposition of the circulatory system in a healthy body.

7. Rooibos

Rooibos is an evergreen South African shrub of the pea family.

Rooibos tea is used to help reduce anxiety, stress and tension. Studies have shown that it protects the brain against damage caused by lipid peroxides.

These 7 herbs are nature’s best natural supplements for ADHD.


While the information that was provided is informative for your plight against focus and attention span deficiency, they may as well be useless if the exotic herbs are not conveniently available for yStress - woman stressed with headacheour use.

The description of the natural herbs states that most, if not all of these natural herbs are exotic in nature. Up to this date, they may not be available in the usual health stores but only in their very origins. Certainly, you are expected to be the modern Indiana Jones who will venture into the deepest jungles of Asia for any of these exotic herbs.

Another challenge is in preparing them for their useful consumption. To make these exotic natural herbs useful for supplementation, one has to learn and apply the best individual preparations in maximizing their distinct brain health benefits. This delicate task requires the skilful hands of not only an expert but, an experienced and seasoned expert in the field of natural medicine and commercial supplement preparation.

Still another daunting challenge is in learning about the right dosage of each of these healthful natural herbs. You can be sure that there is such a thing as consuming these natural supplements in their right apportion. One cannot simple rely on the precept that anything healthy will still be healthy in excessive dosages.

Best Solution

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